Make it Scrum not Scrum But – Scrum free training series

Leader and his team
Scrum team

Now a days the organizations and teams who adopted to Agile and choose Scrum as a best frame-work to match with their nature of work and teams, some of the teams , scrum masters go into some misconceptions and they unknowingly fall into Scrum But instead of pure Scrum.

The below free scum training series will help you to understand the scrum framework by removing all kind of misconceptions and make it more fun way to learn about Agile/Scrum.

I have provided below the links of each session details along with the training video duration,website reference : These training videos are very interesting and covered the concepts with clarity and me being a Certified Scrum Master re-learned through the below training series. Hope you will enjoy going through these topics and get it into much more clarity about Scrum, thanks.