Any agile software tool you use?

Agile Tool

Agile Tool

Basically, there is no such thing as ‘agile software tool’ because agile is methodology, while software tools can be used to implement it. Which one could be best at it? Again, to a project manager it doesn’t matter much, because it’s perfectly possible to manage work on a whiteboard, in Excel, email or during meetings. The thing is not about how you do it, but what the final result you deliver is.

At the same time, on professional boards, like linked in, specific sections of quora or others, I see the same question appear again and again: which software tool is the best for project management\agile\scrum? Depends on what problem you want to solve with it. There might be many of them:

  • communication problem
  • visibility problem
  • process execution problem
  • task management problem
  • reporting problem
  • and others

Usually, a software development team starts with a simple bug tracker. Report bug – fix bug. There is nothing more you might need from this solution. Until some time passes. If you want to make a great product, you need to think of feature request, user stories that must be tracked somehow. The more your product functionality grows, the more it matters. We used to keep userstories in GoogleDocs, Jira, Redmine. I can’t say it was all very clever, but the good thing about it all is that the data was available online to everyone on the team. Yet we needed some more order for it all. First of all, we needed set access roles, keep history of the changes that were made to the document.

So I started to search for more project management tools. There are over 9000 of them and all of them are web-based. Some of them are free, but the functionality is restricted. First thing I did, is left aside all of the solutions that were not available from both desktop and mobile browser. I won’t tell you the long story of my searchings, but finally I got to the website. It says that Comindware Tracker is one of the most flexible work management and workflow automation systems due to the ElasticData technology. The solution is available online from web-broswers, desktop or mobile devices. Work processes can be created in graphical workflow builder with simple drag and drop. And they can be modified at any time without interrupting the process.

The solution would seem incomplete to me if it didn’t have Comindware Task Management – integrated solution for task management, as it is obvious from its title. This couple makes it possible to automatically give out tasks to the team players, while your working process is running. Means you don’t need to open the whole solution and go into detail to understand what you personally need to do now, because the solution makes your own list of tasks based on what’s going on with the project. That sounds promising, so, I guess, my next post will be dedicated to its features, in case I find some time to try the product.

Thanks to Anastasia for providing this article. Is there any software you use along with Agile methodology? Please share your experiences  and feel free to like, share and comment.